Increase Website Traffic, Sales and Conversions with Lead Generation, Talking FAQ and AI Avatar Business Skins

SitePal recently released exciting interactive solutions enhancing its ability to make your website more efficient! Now you can easily configure your SitePal character to interact with your visitors: collecting leads, answering FAQ's, and having an intelligent chat. Why not add a smart virtual employee to your website now?

Have your SitePal speaking character collect important information from your potential customers such as phone numbers, emails addresses and comments, then email the information to you in real time! See Example

Simply input your questions and set the corresponding audio answers that your SitePal characters will speak. No more long and text-heavy FAQ list! See Example

Interacting with your website visitors is now easier than ever. Make your SitePal character have an intelligent chat with your visitors on any topics you predefined. See Example
Note: These new solutions are available as a form of Player Skin, which is an extended area of the window frame where your SitePal Character appears. No programming language is needed to use any of these solutions. Everything is automated and easy-to-use!